Bonnie Parker’s Elementary School (Oak Leaves Round the Door)

Bonnie Parker's Elementary School

A close up of the front door, showing decorative metalwork of oak leaves and acorns. There are also entrances on either side of the building: one for boys and one for girls. The front door, which is fancier, must have been for teachers. There seems to have been a preoccupation, maybe a distinctively southern preoccupation, with who could go in which door. I wonder if, in practice, boys and girls and adults ever flouted the door divisions.

Note (May 2016): I should have known better than to over-think the door divisions. A poster on The Old Oak Cliff Conservation League site cleared it up in a jiffy.

Ruby Mae Lynn 2012-07-24 15:34 wrote:

“I went to Eagle Ford in 1947-1952. It just went through the 5th in 52. In 1947 I think it went through the 9th or 10th grade. Reason for the boys sign on one side on the girl on other is because of the restrooms. After recess boys went in on there side and girls on the other.”


Girl's Door 2
The girls’ entrance, boarded up.



8 thoughts on “Bonnie Parker’s Elementary School (Oak Leaves Round the Door)

  1. Arthur–when I went by there and looked around, it was hard to get an idea of what the school would have been like when it was in use. It looks so small. The little bit of yard is overgrown and doesn’t look much like a playground, and maybe it never was. I can guess, though, that every kid would’ve known every other kid.

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